Since the age of 17 I have been immersed in the arts world, starting out as a fashion journalist, writing for various magazines, then as a stylist and events organiser. I first cut my teeth as an events organiser in London, working for a small organisation, nestled in the heart of Westminster, which hosted a number of interesting individuals, ranging from fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, to acclaimed American author Lionel Shriver. I was thrown in feet first and built up a wealth of knowledge, when it came to organising both small and large scale events. I left in February 2012 to pursue a career as a freelance events organiser and stylist.

The arts are an immense passion of mine, and I draw my inspiration from many various sources, whether it be visual art, literature, history, film or nature, galvanising it into creating events which ooze both beauty and sophistication.

I like to think I offer something which other event organisers can not, and that is true dedication, passion and creativity....

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